The Good Things and the Bad Things

Lots of young people have the goal of backpacking through Central America down through South America. I was just like many of them. As soon as I graduated from high school, I set it as my goal to make enough money so that I could travel for the six months. I wanted to start in Cancun, Mexico and travel all the way down to Argentina.

I will have to say, every single part of the trip is what I imagined it to be, even the bad parts of it. The good parts included meeting lots of fun and interesting people, seeing beautiful sites, learning to speak Spanish well and just getting a whole different viewpoint on life. The worst part of the trip was getting sick. My family told me that I should take some kind of water filtration media along with me, but I thought that if I just drank the water along the way, I eventually would get used to it. That was definitely not true.